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We love everything about guns! I created VAALR to help close a gap in the learning curve of purchasing a precision firearm and hitting what you aim at within any range.  I personally experienced a learning curve I wasn’t ready for and went down many avenues to reach my goal. This is the same as many people’s goal, hitting whatever we aim at and feeling confident to do it.  When it happens, it’s a great feeling. 

I found that there is so many examples in the industry of accurate firearms that my head was spinning.  It takes a lot of work to set something up only to find something goes wrong, something is broke or you’re just not hitting what you want. To do this, you can spend little to massive dollars, but where is the balance? 

The answer is why I partnered with Seekins Precision here in the LC Valley.  They sell very high-quality rifles that are accurate, dependable, and repeatable.  They also come with an unconditional LIFETIME guarantee! Seekins products are so amazing they can be difficult to come by so VAALR has been placing orders for months. This has and will continue to create a working inventory of rifles for our local residents that are backed by the same service and guarantee that Seekins Provides. All this at dealer pricing with the same service Seekins demands. 

The goal of VAALR is to also provide you with other local and local/regional guaranteed products like Eberlestock of Boise, ID and Nightforce Optics of Orofino, ID.  As a dealer for anything that VAALR carries, we will support and match all product warrantees and guarantees, will be the first line to personally support and handle any issues should something arise, and best of all, you get great pricing.

Our goal is that you are happy with your purchase, you get what you desire for your particular mission and that you feel confident that you can meet your mission whether that is hitting steel at 1000 yards or hitting your prize elk at 300.  No matter your goal we are here to help meet it! 

VAALR can also order what you want from the many distributors throughout the country and get it at great prices.  Products like, Glock, Tikka, Smith and Wesson, Pelican, Hornady, are all available. Just let us know what you want, and we will do our best to get it and transfer it to you.  

Need a Suppressor or short barreled rifle? We can do that too.  The process is actually very simple. Just let us know and we will do our best to get you taken care of!

Free firearm transfers for military, veterans, and law enforcement!

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